Land And Sea Video
A unique video production company in the ever changing world of digital multi-media marketing!


We LOVE filming video and we are passionate about our work! LASV is comprised of a group of adventurous individuals driven by PASSION, FREEDOM, and WIND in a world where everything that moves matters. Life at sea allows us to produce more than just promotional property videos in many areas of the Caribbean, but also deliver a taste of real life through our sister site

Our goal is to share and promote the unparalleled experience of sailing and filming in the islands to further captivate our audience with the beauty and brilliance found simply in the world that surrounds us, but escapes most.

Meet the talent, the creativity and the individuals dedicated to the LASV dream… Meet the LASV Team!
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Partner, Project Manager - Caribbean

Kerrie has over 15 years of Project Management consultancy experience in the high-tech wireless sector having worked in Canada, United States, Brazil and the Czech Republic to her current role with Land and Sea Video in the Caribbean. Helping to bring the vision of LASV to life, she is responsible for the company's structure and organization.

She is enthusiastic, adventurous, inspirational and most of all a sailing fanatic. Additionally, Kerrie has the willingness to expand her knowledge and learn more about the creative side of videography. She has proven to be a great asset to the LASV team.

"Circumnavigating the globe and learning to live life sustainably while sailing has been my life long dream.  I am looking forward to expanding our company globally, visiting new places and providing the world with truly amazing images that only video could ever capture." Kerrie
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Creative Director, Producer - Caribbean

Rick is the entrepreneurial spirit that brought LASV to life, he has always been lead by his passion and the wind. Having always developed new businesses that closely pursued his favourite hobbies, this newest creation follows the trend of pleasures he finds in bringing his video creations to the world for all to enjoy.

With a history immersed in creativity from fashion design, to video, electronics and alternative energy products, he has what it takes to deliver this new mobile enterprise and bring a great service to clients near and far. With over 10 years in video, and over 15 years sailing, we know you will truly appreciate the unique images from life that only an individual like Rick could deliver.

"It's not always about how the world looks to you… Sometimes it's more about how you look at the world" Rick Moore

Assistant Site Director, Client Relations - Caribbean

Profile coming soon...

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Yacht Filming, 2nd Camerman, Editor - Caribbean, UK

Iain has worked in television and video production in the UK for over 15 years. Starting as a lighting cameraman on the BBC news he went on to produce and edit many documentaries and corporate films for TV and industry. Iain has an eye for detail and makes every shot count in providing the most engaging and exciting product possible.

Having worked with us over the past few years, Iain is no stranger to traveling by sail and has been a part of many of our adventures, including producing a documentary of our 6-week adventure in Haiti not so long ago! You'll be seeing more from Iain in the future, and here at LASV we are thrilled to have him on our team!

Marketing - Caribbean

A true team in their own right, Carlos and Jackie have been living in the Caribbean for over 30 years, and in Sint Maarten for a good portion of that while actively building their own business with rentals and sales for timeshare resorts, condos, and private villas.

Encompassing an abundance of effervescence for life, they are truly a pleasure to be with, and their positive energy in the LASV Team is very well received by everyone that they deal with. Carlos and Jackie have put forth great effort to assist in following clients directives, and making sure everyone is happy at the end of the day.

They have sailed the entire Eastern Caribbean with us in search of one major satisfaction in life… To follow the wind in the direction that finds us the most work… and an occasional hammock.
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Account Manager - Caribbean & North America

Believe in your dreams; design your own life! This became Marie-Andrée’s mantra for life six years ago when she decided to take a sabbatical and surrender to her passion for sailing and travelling! This turned out to be a real eye opener as she quickly realized she could live a meaningful life and become a mobile professional. Marie-Andrée jumped on board the LASV project finding exactly what she needed to make her dream life even more complete: a mobile company that sails the world with a team of members all brought together by the same dream!

Marie-Andrée is a Business & Administration graduate with a major in Marketing and minor in Tourism. Her combined 14 years of experience includes having worked as a Marketing & Communications Consultant, a Senior Account Manager for Advertising and Public Relations firms, and also as an Event Planner for major organizations such as the F1 Canada Grand Prix in Montreal. She is a certified Advanced Padi diver and loves any activity that allows her to be in the water. Combine that with a keen eye for aesthetics and strong interest in photography and decorating, and you have a professional individual with all the elements to become a key member of the LASV Team!

“Everybody has a story to tell and this chapter of my life is the best so far! I’ve found the balance I was looking for and I’m now living the life of my dreams. I can’t think of a better way to be true to my passions while sharing my expertise than by working with LASV and their clients!!!’’ Marie-Andrée

Director - Sales Consulting - Canada & USA

Edye has 27 years of corporate experience with a strong track record as a sales strategist and change leader in executive roles of District Vice President and as Regional Manager of Sales and Marketing for one of the top 100 global companies. She consistently achieved top results nationally based on a balanced scorecard measured by employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, profit, and business growth. She was the recipient of the highest recognition awarded by the company for business results and for project management. Edye led one of a few integrated teams for TD Canada Trust to top results following what was the largest and most successful merger in the financial services history of North America.

Edye specializes in leadership and employee engagement. She is a Managing Principal for Predictive Success, a corporation that utilizes scientific data driven insight to improve business results by focusing on their people. Research has proven that engagement can increase operating results by up to 51% and earnings per share by up to 39%. As a proven business leader in the corporate world, an entrepreneur and an engaging facilitator, Edye is bringing this competitive edge to businesses around the globe, and LASV is proud to have her on our team.
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Assistant Camera, Sales & Marketing - Caribbean & North America

Bruce has a wealth of experience in the real estate sector, having been a RE/MAX agent for over 25 years. In that time he has also embraced photography as one of his greatest passions in trying to capture as much of the world around him, in its natural environment. Also a sailor, Bruce has been following his desire to leave the corporate world behind for many years in search of something more personally rewarding… enter LASV.

Imagine finding a way to combine both pertinent parts of your life into one rewarding experience… Bruce has been onboard for many years and is now finding his true place in the world as we strive for better imagery with better equipment and better skills as our constant learning curve evolves into something truly sustainable. A great friend to many, and always helpful to everyone, Bruce is a very valuable member to the LASV Team!

Staging/Decorating, Marketing - Caribbean, Europe

Esther is our free spirit… she travels the globe in search of new adventures. Shown here as we were filming in Grenada, she is always first to jump right in to experience local cultural events.

Most notably on her serious side, Esther has spent the past many years involved in the real estate sector, owning her own brokerage in Holland and investing much of her time renovating and decorating properties for sale. This of course makes her a perfect addition to our staging and decorating team!

We are certain you will appreciate the dramatic flare that Esther's creative eye brings to our property videos, and also our ambient scenes on!

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Assistant Cameraman, Aerial Photographer - Caribbean

Bruno is our resident adrenaline junkie… if you see scenes of jumping off a mountain, flying through the air, or surfing along at top speed over a spectacular turquoise reef… chances are good that Bruno was the man behind the camera!

With a long history in sailing, kitesurfing and professional paragliding, Bruno brings to the table the exciting possibility of aerial scenes that could not be found or created in any other way or place. Being part of the mobile LASV Caribbean team is the perfect way for Bruno to follow his passion for wind related sports, and deliver his incredible views via video for all to enjoy!

Staging, Decorating - Caribbean

Terri has sailed recreationally all her life and has spent the last 5.5 yrs crewing with a Wild Dolphin Swim Retreat company in the Bahamas. She loves the ocean, the sun, the adventure, the variety and travelling, and especially being able to share it all with like-minded people.

Her lifestyle is very flexible as she tends to go with the flow, living her life as fully as possible. She is a glass "half-full" kind of girl and tries to look for the positive in everything. Preferring the hot sunshine and clear waters climates, being part of the LASV Caribbean team is the perfect fit for her!

"I am so grateful to live the lifestyle that I do and I look forward to sharing in and being of service in even more amazing journeys ahead!" Terri
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Entertainer, Drill Sergeant, Alarm Clock - Everywhere

Hi my name is Lucky, welcome to my world. I have been traveling throughout the Caribbean with Captain Rick for over 7 years now. My contribution to LASV is to provide lively entertainment to all those that come aboard. Sometimes, I am not completely sure what the guests are saying, or trying to communicate, but I can tell you that my vocabulary has increased dramatically over the past few years!

I am responsible for ensuring the LASV team is up early every morning, even on weekends!!! I can be cute when I want to, but I can also put you in your place if you are not careful! I am affectionate and provide the best bird kisses ever....Oh, one thing about me, I've been known to burst out a word or two which turns the human faces a shade of white followed by out bursts of laughter...phew! Crackers are my favorite, but I will pretty much eat anything... Looking forward to meeting new members of the LASV team, so come aboard maties and join the fun!!