Market your vacation property to the world, with LASV High-Quality HD!!

At Land And Sea Video (LASV) our objective is to provide you with a top-quality online video representation to further enhance the marketing of your vacation villa or yacht. The technology that we use allows us to deliver an authentic “Virtual walk-through” in a 3-4 minute HD video, accurately depicting the villa interior and surrounding property in a highly sensational and visually striking format. This is a vast improvement over the traditionally used 360* virtual tours.

Shown to the right is one of our team using a GlideCam HD4000 Camera Stabilizer with X-10 mechanical vest allowing her to roam freely about the property while delivering perfectly smooth and stable footage.
GlideCam X-10 w/HD4000 Stabilizer
ProAm Crane w/Sony FX-1

The ProAm Camera Crane shown at the left allows us to deliver dramatic sweeping shots, and gives the ability to film from higher elevations to add perspective to the spatial interpretation of properties and interiors…..These shots are featured in many of the videos on our portfolio page.

Our team of professionals will assess your individual requirements and provide a unique video experience that gives viewers the feeling that they are already on vacation. Your video will showcase flattering features of your property, like walking through the flowered gardens, looking out onto the nearby beach, seeing the swaying palm trees or simply lounging around the pool. 

Online promotional vacation villa and yacht videos are the most effective way to get your vacation property out there… it is accessible anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Just think, you are now marketing your vacation villa or yacht to the world.

Our fully licensed background music means you can now gain further exposure for your property on places like Youtube with no copy-write infringement issues. This is designed to increase your marketing edge and improve traffic back to your own website… and more direct web traffic and exposure to the YouTube search engines translates into more bookings!

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Services Available:

- Filming in HD Video
- Full Production
- Royalty Free Music
- Staging/Decorating
- Onsite Editing
- Multi-Media Marketing
- Aerial Filming

Quotes and Rate Packages:

Individual property or yacht owners we provide quotes based on location and personal requirements. Vacation property managers, we offer several rate packages based on the number of villa owners potentially interested. Please feel free to contact us directly via email at, BVI cellphone at 284-545-0911, or via our Contact Form for more information.

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We could say how great our work is, but lets hear if from recent clients:

“Hi guys! Thanks again for today. The video is great, a real ‘smash’!! The best! I am honestly extremely pleased. My apologies for the bit of extra work but now I can say to have exactly what I was looking for! Despite all the difficulties…weather availabilities of the villa, flight schedule and more…..I have to say IT IS MAGIC!! Well done!!” 
Paula Flax
Owner, Mango Bay Resort
British Virgin Islands

Dear LASV Team, it brought tears to my eyes watching this - it all looks so beautiful, and such a gorgeous sky even with that pesky rain cloud in the West! I am in Nantucket for Thanksgiving with my family and they all think it looks great, they want to come back ASAP!! Thank you so much for your work, and attention to detail!
Owner, Tamarind House
St Lucia